Do the thing BIG…

You don’t want to think small, trust me. You want, and need, to think BIG. Otherwise, it’s just a waste.

Thinking small comes from fear. So, that’s lame. What’s there to be afraid of? I mean, really? Monsters? Bad Press? Jerks? Lame blame gamers?

Who cares. It’s all fluff. The ONLY thing that has meaning is what YOU believe. And since YOU HAVE A CHOICE, you can decide to believe whatever you want! Isn’t that cool?

So, believe in BIG things. (See how I just wrapped all that up? Like a full circle of life kinda thing! Man, that’s just plain cool. Like a donut that keeps on donutting!)

Stop making excuses why you can’t and get out there and get stuff done. This is your life, so you might as well grab the larger donut. There’s plenty for everyone.

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