I will miss you, my friend…

It is only when someone dies that we really question the reason for living. And how we should live. My friend, Francesco Quinn passed this weekend suddenly, but left behind the answer for us all.

Francesco’s message was To Love. Love all. Unconditionally.

We are all faced with challenges. Difficult people, situations, happenings. …But it isn’t about those things. It is only in how we look at them that gives them meaning. The “words” we place on them. “Difficult,” “Selfish,” “Frightening.”

But words are a matter of choice. We choose to place these words on what we see, …giving them meaning. We think that people are what they are, and then we identify them with a word, but it’s the other way around. According to our words and thoughts, the things in our lives will manifest.

Francesco’s message to all of us is simply to choose better. Give better definitions. Better meanings to what we see. To see the truth and that the truth is that there is nothing but love. To be better people.

I thank him for that. We need to live our lives fully. And love everything. The more we do that, …the more our lives will be filled with meaning.

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