Fireball Cool Concept of the Day…

“The Punk Thumper.”

Ok, …so say you’re a Chippy and your beat is along the coast. Protecting things like squid and sea urchins from kids who like to poke things. You know, the kind of kid that says, “Hey Pop, look what I just killed!” What do you call them?

Oh, yea. Punks.

Little punks, but punks just the same. You walk straight up to ’em and say, “Hey, what the hell do ya think you’re doin to that squid… punk?” (It works every time.) And the Punk Thumper is your deal, so you take your modified Javelin and toss the lil’ 6 year old punk in the pokie. (Hey, “Punk in the Pokie!” I like the sound of that…)

Anyway, concept of the day. Cool.

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