Ok, so I gave my Dad a choice. Go to see monkeys at the zoo, get a haircut and shave your head like a monkey or go and see Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

He chose wisely, my Dad did. (Did I just sound like Yoda?) Anyway, I picked him up and we hit the 12 p.m. showing. And right off the bat, we could tell that this movie had its #@$* together. It was scripted well and since Fireball Pop is a writer in Tinseltown, he appreciated that and usually hates everything (that’ll be a different story).

The production was excellent with a good San Fran location. (No Starbucks featured, so that was a plus). And the apes … man, the apes were frikkin’ awesome. Andy Sirkis is the next Boris Karloff. Dude knows Ape. And I’m gonna coin that right now by saying it again.

“Dude Knows Ape.”

Just sayin.’ So … if you haven’t seen Rise of the Planet of the Apes yet, then whip out that 14 bucks for the 3D (Or not 3D) and plant that chiseled pair of buttocks into the seat. It’s worth it because I’ma sayin’ so. And I’m an expert …

… at putting my butt in a chair, that is (just trying to be humble here …)

Oh, CG Apes were adequate. Kinda like a triple shot Vanilla Latte is adequate. Perfecto.

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