Slammin’ it home in a Corvette ZO6 for two weeks

Two weeks ago I was given a 2011 505hp Corvette ZO6 from GM to play with. And that, I did.

Living in Malibu, Ca. with a plethora of canyons to carve and beautiful highways, I tooled just about everywhere I could imagine to give myself time to absorb the feeling of what it would be like to rock this puppy permanently. And in all truth, I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did. So much so, that I hated to see it go.

First off, the ZO6 is sexy hot design. Seriously. And it turned heads. The sculpture and lines gave it the statement of elegance mixed with pulse-pounding horsepower. Check out the EPISODE for some of the fun stuff. But what really makes the Corvette a fun car? Is it the fact that it’s 505hp and about 3100lbs? Big Brembo Brakes and a top speed of 198mph?

Actually, it’s all of that… and none of it. Because the car is JUST PLAIN COOL. That’s it. And driving something cool is what it’s all about. Not saying it’s better or worse than any other supercar out there… but that it’s all CORVETTE. And, it’s an ergonomic juggernaut when you lay the hammer down. All you want to do is fishtail and drift into corners. Even in the parking lot. But… you have to resist somewhat or your next trip will be to the pokie.

At an MSRP of about $74K, and that fact that it could and would smoke just about any car in that price range… and way above, it’s a steal.

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