Palos Verdes Concours… BOOOOSH!

Off we went this morning to the PV Concours at the Trump International Golf Course. I expected to see the Trumpster and try to run off with his toupee, but alas… he was a no-show. Not becasue he had a BIG meeting in the BIG Apple, Not because his show THE APPRENTICE was kicking off and he was in make-up, but simply because he heard I was after his hair. And THAT, my friends is the lay down and dirty truth. Seriously…

Ok,… to the cars.

Now, as you know, Concours Shows are full of cheapy cars. The likes of Rolls Royces, Bentleys and Hondas. Yes, Hondas. But, seeing as how I brought the FAM, I didn’t want them to get the impression that there was too many Hondas there, I had Trump’s “people” push them off into the drink. There, I said it. Besides, Hondas make good subs and they’ll be just fine.

AnyWhat, we perused the course, looking at the gorgeous contraptions of the past. And the doods with the white gloves were out being all “hoyty toyty.” They’d run their fingers along the cars, lookin’ for dirt. And I was like, “What the hell? Why look there when there’s a whole heap of it under their feet? C’mon, people. Let’s get it together!” I even mentioned it to one dood and he looked at me like I was crazy. ME. Crazy!! Can you believe it?? I know. It was a blow mind.

Oh, oh!! And they were selling cigars, jewelry and golf balls, too. I wanted to buy a couple and have Trump sign ’em. But alas, this chicken liver never showed as I mentioned. I mean really, doesn’t he have several hair”s” at home to choose from. He can spare one, right? So…

Back at the Concours… The sun was out, the cars were gleaming and Fireball Alexa took her first picture. (See if you can tell which one it is.) All in all… a day of hoyty toyty funness.

…Oh… and Trump, if you read this, you lilly livered chicken bellied poobah, I’m not gonna stand around and wait all day for your toup. I have a spot on my mantle for it. Right next to the Rhino Butt Hair I got last month in San Diego. Ouch. Even if I have to buy one of your Penthouses in Chicago, I’m gonna be on you like white on rice…. like ugly on an ape… like a Shark with a laser beam attached to it’s head.


Ladies and gents… the rides.

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