Future Concept of the Day…

Ah, Ferrari. Will they ever stop making slick Pasta Rockets and make a CityCar like the Aston Cygnet? Um… that would be no.

So… graduates at the IAAD (Diego Dellavalle and Riccardo Bordin) developed this puppy for the Ferrari World Design Contest 2011. It’s the F25 Superfast for the year 2025.

It’s got…

Automend: A self-repairing plastic used on specific areas of the body.

BetaGel: A material capable of dissipating shock energy used in the bumpers and seats.

Aerogel: A semitransparent substance derived from a gel in which the liquid component has been replaced with a gas used as a thermal insulator.

Oh, and HyperPortoSytemMetallic Jahoogafat tires. Ok, like is this a movie car? Might as well be, but we designers have to think out of the box… or in this case, off the planet.


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