Visions of our Future Part 2: Nick Pugh

Part 2 continues here with the work of my friend, Nick Pugh. Another designer in film, Nick’s style is very expansive and again, based on a positive future. And that’s the only things I cover here.

Virtually anyone can visualize a post-apocalyptic future since it deals with dressing down what’s already here. But to design a positive future requires real vision in mind. These images, although some wild, would welcome human interaction and everyday content. And what’s more, …they are build-able given the right elements.It’s our job to bring them to realization.

But the main reason I’ve always enjoyed Nick’s work is that he starts where most people stop. If the best out there is “x,” then Nick laser points it and begins. A true mark of a visionary.

If you have a designer out there that brings positive vision, let me know here.

All Images: ©NickPugh

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