Fireball Fam hits Santa Barbara for a CLAM BAKE BIRTHDAY!

Yup, my Sis Jordana just turned… wups. Not supposed to say her age. So, instead I’ll give her a mental age. And that would be 12. 12 was a good year for just about everyone, and since our job as adults is to remember what it was like to be a kid again… SHE’S OFFICIALLY 12!

So… we headed to Santa Barbara for a CLAM BAKE at Brophy Bros on the Pier. And we ate… an ate… and ate. THEN,…

We ate some more. And after I hit the Vomitorium at the end of the pier, we had Ice Cream. Fireball Alexa loved it because she got to eat a little bit of everyone’s flavors. Lil’ bugger….

Family time is more important that anything else. And Birthday’s are a reminder of this. So, make them special and share the experience. But… don’t eat as many clams as we did… unless you really want to see what a Vomitorium actually looks like from street level. 😉

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