GM Press Conference at SEMA exposes new GM Coolness…

Awesome media event went off last night at the Wynn Hotel, courtesy of our boys at GM. Lifetime Oil Filter CEO Christopher Hubbard and I watched awestruck as they revealed some serious firepower with the new Camaro, Sonic and a bitchin’ Chevelle designed by Dale Earnhardt, Jr. (Like he knows cars… sheesh.) Also on hand was buddy Bob Bondurant. You know him…, he’s got a couple a cool rides.

It’s very clear that GM is determined not only to bounce back, but to lay down the hammer with the Coda Camaro in the race circuit. Also present was dirt biker Ricky Carmichael with his Sonic and a Hot Wheels Camaro that would simply knock your socks off, dangit.

Check out the picks and try not to drool on your laptop… um, iphone… um, android.

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