Hollywood Celebrates Fireball Pop, Tony Lawrence…

I’m in utter awe at the turnout for last night’s event put on by the awesome folks of The Hollywood Reporter to honor five Hollywood Legendary Stories currently at The Motion Picture Television Fund.

Hosted by Robert Downey, Jr., Anthony Lawrence’s (AKA Fireball Pop) career was celebrated by Josh Brolin, Jodie Foster, Jennifer Garner, Nick Offerman, Chris Pine and Russel Brand. Even red headed Fireball Super-Server Jessie was all smiles, spreading the joy of success. (Thanks, Jess for an awesome job!) It was a fantastic and fun event to show off careers that have been extraordinarily successful. We also hung out with great writers like Michele and Kieran Mulroney who just finished Sherlock Holmes 2 and the new Hunchback or Notre Dame with Josh Brolin starring. (Spoiler!) And Josh mentioned he loves doing effects make-up. I believe him because he’s a little insane and I know a couple of people like that. 😉

Megan Mullally performed with her band and Russell Brand did a wacky version of Shakespeare’s “As You Like it.” (Would have been funnier if I could have understood it…)

My sis and I watched as Josh piled through the list of Dad’s many writing accomplishments which included Bonanza, Hawaii 5-0, Ben Casey, Marcus Welby MD, The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits. Thousands in all. To say I’m proud could never be a enough. The inspiration to affect others in a positive way is overwhelming. A gift that gives for a lifetime.

Movie Stars like Robert, Josh and Jodie are simply people that do a job extremely well and love what they do. We ALL can do the same. But you have to believe that you can first… And Dad never stopped believing. Thanks, Pop.

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