Ruth Allwardt 1933-2011

Yesterday was a difficult day. After a year of fighting numerous forms of cancer, Kathie’s mother finally succumbed to her ills, passing at 4:40pm and at the age of 78. She will be very missed…

Ruth Allwardt was a determined soul. A fighter if there ever was one. Having raised 3 kids basically on her own after two difficult marriages, she was determined to raise good kids. But a life of battling a variety of challenges and a physically abusing father that knocked her teeth out at age 17, she overcame one obstacle after the next. The result? Three gorgeous kids, one of which I get to keep for myself. Thanks, Mom.

Although she suffered sever pain in the last days, Ruth and Kathie became closer than ever before. Kathie reading to her a children’s book that Ruth read to her when she was a child. “Puffy.” The story of a little lost dog that not only affected my wife’s love for animals, but affected the quality of her business ever since. …Another thanks to Ruth.

Despite Ruth’s many hardships, she managed to become a millionaire living in Chicago. And although her final montra became “In 2011, I’m going to heaven,” she made a heaven for all of us by showing her fierce focus and ability to overcome.

Godspeed, Ruth. And thank you again. For my my last…. Thank you for your daughter. The greatest gift I’ve ever known.

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