Driving means DRIVING…

Today’s what I would call a haul’n rear end day. Why? ‘Cause I’ve got a ton of places to go in one day that amounts to about 200 miles. Malibu to Long Beach to pick up a “unique” TV Stand for the Tahoe (Which is going in the San Diego Show), then back up to Warners for some more upcoming movie stuff, then to the north end of the valley to drop off a head. (Yes, I said drop off a head)

Oh… you want to know what that means? Really? Don’t most people drop off heads at some point in their lives? Well, …they do.

In my case, since my wife builds weird things, I get to run them around for her because I’m supposedly a good husband. But, it’s really about the fact that she manipulated me by using Cocoa Krispies. (That’ll be another story.) But she’s building a Frog… and I have the Frog Head sculpt. And it needs to be vacuum formed and blah, blah, blah. Just call me Frogman Tim…

Anywhat, it’s off to the LA Freeways in King Tahoe. If you see me, wave and say you want a toy. I’ll be glad to pull off and give you a 1 of 50 exclusive Johnny Lightning cars. Just don’t cut me off and send me into the bushes….

Oh, and today is EPISODE 2 day of Ride Along….

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