Vehicle appears at the FIREBALL PAD…

Ok, …so there I was, minding my own business when CHAHOOOOGA!!!

Like, this is how it happened. I was taking out the trash (plastics, paper, mostly chocolate wrappings) and since the bag was far bigger than me (Can you visualize this?), it was hard to see. I mean, you could miss just about anything with that dang bag. Ok… wait, where was I?

Oh! Yes, I was walking to the trash cans and BAM! Right smack into a brand new CADILLAC CTS-V Wagon. I mean, like there is was in Christmas Crystal Red, just sitting there… um, with a NOTE on it! Yea! A note! TO ME!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!!???

I dropped my chocolate wrappings (yes, into the trash, silly…) and read it… AND it said

“Happy Holidays, Fireball! From your friendly neighborhood GM Doods. Have fun for 2 weeks! And share with your friends, because that’s what Christmas is about… you nutty nut, you…”

And I’m like… WHAT!!!??? I get to drive this 556hp V-Wagon for two weeks?!! WOO HOOO!!!!!

Man, those GM doods are crazy. BUT, since I’m so excited, if you see me up in the Bu drivin’ by, then stop me and I’ll give you something cool. It’s Christmas, and GIVING is the name of the game… 😉

Guess I need to do another “Ride Along,” eh?

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