San Diego Auto Show DAY 1: The Set-up

Officially DAY 1 ends in a hoopla of activity as we set up the booth, rolled in the Caddy and Tahoe and watched the Convention Center go from a bustling city to a ghost town by 6pm. We were the last ones out, but that took a while because there were cool car distractions, dangit! Above… Booth Babes Ally and Kim Wood were pounding RaceDeck for hours, and now they have Ahnuld Muscles. Doooooosh….

The set looks awesome, thanks to Christopher’s team of Lifetime Oil Filter and our team of… misfits. Then, we headed out to Gaslamp Town and to the Spaghetti Factory for dinner… only to hear them say it was a 1.5 hour wait! Not. Pasta out… Fish In.

We hit Nobu for some Sushi stuff instead. Instant table. Instant food… and goooooood. Check out that crazy salad. And look what we found afterwards in a local market!

It’s 5am as I write this and the view from the Omni is peaceful and quiet. As Master Chief said in GI Jane… “Welcome to a brand new day.”

Today… the CARS, man.

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