First day of the show…. YIKES! There were peeps everywhere and it was like a pack of wild dogs hungry for automotive coolness. Regardless of the stanchions, people were climbing in, over and around cars like crazy. One lady even got ejected from the show for pullin’ a Dukes of Hazzard on our cool Caddy. (Security had their hands full, man…)

But smiles were abundant from kids of all ages. And by 8pm, we were wasted since we started interviews at 6:40am. I hit the sack like a potato machine gun. Rat-a-Tat-Tater-Tot… (Wow, that’s kinda funny. I’ll have to build me one of those…)

Check out this awesome Tractor Wheel Chair! Imagine one black with flames… ahhhhh…..

What’s up for today? The Hollywood Garage is goin’ off, yo!!


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