San Diego Auto Show hits full steam ahead…

Crazy… Pandemonium… Car Insanity… It’s just plain nuts.

Congratulations to Ted Avey for winning the cool Mad Group Fireball Tim Beach Cruiser! You earned it, buddy! And big thanks to all the intervieweeeeees including SD Fire Chief Xavier! The show’s gonna be awesome because of you guys!

Last night was NEW YEARS at the Hard Rock Hotel, so we got our gussied on and went rocking with the VIPs. “Very Insane Peeps.” And it was exactly that. The wait for the elevators was 10 minutes and there were “interesting” people out doing all kinds of badness. There was even an elevator brawl. I managed to escape at 12:10 due to the fact that there’s still one day of the show left today. It’s Kid’s Day at the SD Auto Show. And that’s… my favorite day.

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