KID’S DAY at San Diego draws thousands of squirts…

Man, o’ man, there were like…, a million kids in this show yesterday for Mazda Kid’s Day. And to celebrate, we held a Car Design Contest! The winner will be chosen this week, but… what do they win?

A day with me at Picture Car Warehouse, driving cool movie cars, lunch and all sorts of behind the scenes fun. But the day went off like crazy because Ronald McDonald showed up in our booth and did a show! It was nuts!

And that, my friends is what doing an Auto Show is all about. Fun, Cars and Kids… of all ages.

Big thanks to Kevin Leap, Amy Foley and their team for putting on a spectacular show this year. And if you think 2012 was cool, then 2013 will knock the socks off a Wackoo. (As soon as I figure out what a wackoo is.) 😉

Back to LA this morning… Because something cool is coming…

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