Detroit and New Delhi Auto Shows set to reveal CONCEPTS…

Ok, Detroit I get. It’s been happening for a hundred years… or so. But New Delhi? Um, like India? Like… I haven’t been to that one so I guess I better get on a plane quick! Maybe I can stop in Chicago for a St. Valentine’s Day Massacre Tour? Now THAT was cool. Black Bus, Ratatat Music and run by guys in 30’s suits. Ok… now I’m off track. Wups.

Concepts heading to the Detroit and ND shows include the stunning Lexus LF-LC Sports Coupe Concept and the not so stunning Ford Eco-Sports Concept. Ok, let’s focus on the Lexus because it’s like a Christmas Candy and I haven’t had enough of that yet.

We know it’s a Hybrid, but that’s about it. Lexus is close-lipped like a Gorilla being forced to eat a Sardine, so about all I can say is that it was designed at their California Studio, Calty and they can store it in my garage. Yes, I’m offering my humble abode.

No, really. You Calty guys can have as much space as you want. I’ll even move over my collection of Peanut Jars. But give me a week or so, ’cause it’s about 26 boxes. 😉

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