YOUR MISSION: Should you choose to accept it…

I post a lot of things. Cool stuff like cars and designs that hopefully inspire. But sometimes I like to post… a challenge…

Your Mission: Should you choose to accept it… is… To find the truth.

Assignment: Go to your local bookstore, find Dan Brown’s “The Lost Symbol,” sit in a quiet corner of the store and read Chapter 15. I’m not kidding and this is no joke. There are millions of people out there struggling with life, wondering how to make improvements… and they feel trapped. And although the answer lies in this Chapter, it also lies with hundreds of other authors like Charles Haanel, Robert Collier, Elizabeth Towne, Judge Thomas Troward, Wallace Wattles and Emmet Fox.

Sure, you can read this and then do nothing. And that would be easy. And we all know that taking the easy road leads to nothing. You could just go back to getting ready for work or the gym or taking the squirts to school. And at the end of the day, you’ll be exactly where you are now, wondering how to pay your bills and/or improve things that are important to you.

Or… you can just visit the bookstore. DON’T BUY THE BOOK. Just sit, maybe with a cup of coffee and read. Then… THINK. Start a train of thinking that will lead to change. Because that’s how it works.

The definition of APOCALYPSE isn’t destruction. It means “Great Change.” And that’s what’s happening this year. 2012 on the Mayan Calendar is the year of Great Change. The world is not ending, despite how you may want it to so that you don’t have to pay your Amex Bill. For the first time in human history, there will be more people on the planet that see the truth than ever before, tipping the scales and shifting the consciousness of the planet. Bringing us closer to what we all want.

And what we want is Peace. Peace Inside.

I could tell you for a year what it’s like to eat a pear. But you wouldn’t know what I’m talking about until you took a bite for yourself. You MUST have your own personal experience and create evolution for yourself. And that… will result in changing everyone. It’s what Gandhi wanted. So did Martin Luther King, Kennedy, Krishna, Jesus, Buddha, Confucious, Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, Swedenborg and thousands of others that have come along in our history to tell us. So listen.

Set yourself free. Then, watch what happens. It’s cool.

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