Fireball hits SKATELAB for an Art Exhibit & SkateSquirts…

Last night I was invited to attend a really unique and cool event. A local Art Show in Simi Valley at the world renowned SKATELAB Indoor Skatepark and Museum. Now, if you don’t know Skatelab, don’t be bummed. Now you will and if you grew up anywhere near a skateboard, you’ll want to know this. Owner Todd Hubert has created the largest public display of skate history in the world. And it will blow your mind… Just to see this stuff is worth any trip to get there.

But, we were there for the art show. And talented artisans like Jean Cherie were on hand with their displayed work and it was some of the coolest stuff I’ve seen in a long time. But not only artists, but a great band, grub and skate celebs like Gabe Clement (Big Cheesy of DVS) and other hardcore skaters. It was awesome.

Passion is infectious. No matter what it is. And being together to celebrate that passion is what we should all be doing. Sharing what we love. Create an event in your home town to share your passion and watch what happens. Dig it.

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