Food Poisoning’s ROUGH…

The other day I woke up to the Barf Machine. And it was harsh. Food poisoning from what we think was bad bean soup. But, who knows… and who really cares when the toilet becomes your best friend? Now, I wasn’t sure because Kathie was fine and didn’t get sick… until last night. And it was like a freight train.

It’s so important to be careful of what you eat nowadays. And being vegetarian like we are doesn’t mean that you remove yourself from the potential harms of bad food. You do, however, reduce the risk.

Symptoms? Feeling like CRAP. Then watching your body go into removal mode. And that, is something to watch. So, word to the wise for Wednesday… Keep an eye out for bad grub and eat as much as you can that comes out of the ground fresh.

Boom. (That was the sound of my stomach…)

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