Something BIG is coming…

Pretty exciting time right now because I’m negotiating a new TV Show. Actually, my agent is, but I get to watch. And things are going really well. But, as with most things, you always want them to go faster. Now, what you don’t realize is that there’s always a perfect plan if you just relax, sit back and have some faith. And it seems, miraculously, that things always work out.

But it’s no miracle. It’s just faith. You have to be clear on what you want. If you’re like a magnifying glass, bouncing around, you’ll never get a result. You need to be clear and like a laser beam. And that’s our lesson in life about making things happen. Do what you can, but be persistent and like a mouse to cheese.

So stay tuned to my blog for an update on what’s happening regarding the new show. It’s kick ass awesome and will be a blast for everyone. You have my word, because we need more shows about fun things and trust me… this show will be a something you’ve never seen.

And if you happen to like cool cars and action movies, I’ll let you in on some of that, too. 😉

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