A day of getting %$#*& done…

When it rains, it’s a good day to get stuff in the house done. But when you have a day like yesterday… eternal bliss day, then you gotta get out and do the outdoor thang.

Installed some new mirrors on a Jeep I have, calls from the balcony, contracts from the patio, washing my snowboard gear in the backyard, pick-up shots for Ride Along Episode 11 and… errands. Now, it’s what we all have to do. Stuff. But it isn’t the stuff that matters. It’s how we do them. You can grumble, grumble, grumble… or you can choose to be grateful that you have stuff to do as opposed to worrying and sitting around in your own muck.

A good attitude is imperative to success. It brings more of it. So, get out there today and DO IT.

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