Cancer Can Cure, too…

This is my sister, Jordana. When she was a kid. She’s 50 now and I went to Santa Barbara yesterday to see her. Why?

Jorge was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. And yesterday was ther operation. And since you don’t know Jorge, you wouldn’t know that it takes more than Cancer to get this woman down. So, what did she do when she found out?

She lay’d the Cancer smackdown. She began to educate herself and what was needed to be done like a mouse breaking into a cheese factory. (See the movie Mouse Hunt on Netflix) This was her. Like lightning, Jorge’s attitude was one of inspiration and focus. She was concentrated on the end result. Health. But, not only health…

She had a purpose. And that was to show others that challenges are made to help us grow, expand and be more that we are. She looked fear in the face and said… “I’m sorry, we’re closed. You’ll have to try somewhere else.”

The operation was not only a success, but was like a Tyson fight against Bin Laden. Over before it began. She was back home by end of day and already talking about her next trip, like the Cancer was washing the dishes.

The point? We choose to give meaning to things. We CHOOSE to determine whether something is important or not. But most the time, we choose unwisely. And that choice can bring fear. And fear is our enemy. DON’T let it in. Say… “I’m closed and heading out for the weekend to have fun.”

We have to make better decisions if we want a better outcome. Know how you want to feel from something. Then do that something based on the feeling. It doesn’t have to mean the end of the world, and you have the ability to make that choice based on how you think.

On the way home, my brother Ethan got the stomach flu and barfed in the car. Yea, it was gross since he missed and it ended up in his lap. We stopped, got out, cleaned up… then laughed all the way home. Barf is funny.

Choose today to be happy. No matter what. And happiness comes. So, go get ’em…

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