Mazda Press Event highlights MAZDASPEED Motorsports…

Great day yesterday as our team converged down south with our friends at Mazda. (Pictured are my Lt’s Max Musina and Scott Loyola and MAZDA Motorsports Communications Officer, Dean Case) Dean did a great job at putting the event together and highlighting all the great things that MAZDA is doing in motorsports. And I was pleasantly surprised to meet their team… of 17-year olds!! BWA!!!!???

17 and racing full bore Mazda’s?? …Awesome. These guys are having such a blast that their excitement was infectious. Imagine, being a kid and getting to play with cars like these? So frikkin’ cool I can hardly stand it.

Event took place at the Crevier Classic Car Museum in Costa Mesa which was filled with a great collection. But the MicroBus’ were what I’d steal, given half the chance. Although there were a few million dollar cars blocking the way. Dangit!

Mazda is speeding up to have a great 2012 in Motorsports. Keep an eye on them.


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