GM’s Global Green USA Event kicks it for the Oscars…

Insane event last night at the Avalon Hollywood, thanks to my friends at GM and the folks of Global Green USA. Both dedicated to a bright and positive future for us all, this Pre-Oscar Party was just that. Exciting and fun with fantastic performances by Sheila E, DJ Michael Smith, DJ Garth Trinidad, Evaline, The New Division and more. Celebrities like Mark Ruffalo, Ed Begley Jr. and Orlando Bloom were on hand to inspired climate change and a “We Can and We Are” attitude. Sponsored by Chevy’s new Volt. It was a blast and about as green as it gets. Even the food was vegan, although not the drinks. Cha. 😉

What is Global Green USA? Just a force in creating “the shift” along with the New GM. Check out the highlights from the event but more so, …check out their site and join in on making our globe as blue as possible… Wow, so much color!

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