Bertone NUCCIO Concept headed to Geneva…

The Bertone Studio has always been famous for their “wedge” designs. I think it’s something having to do with cheese and Italians. Or… Italian Cheese. Anyway, according to Giuseppe Bertone, the NUCCIO will be officially revealed at the Geneva Motor Show next month.

“The Nuccio is an ‘extreme’ sportscar that puts an evolutionary imprint on the concept that is built into Bertone’s DNA,” he says.

That has something to do with the cheese, I think. The wedged prototype is powered by a high-output motor mounted in a mid-rear position, but no specifics on what it really is…. but again, think cheese and think gelato.

After Geneva, the Nuccio will go to Beijing for the local auto show in April and then to the Turin National Car Museum in May where it will spend summer… dining on fine wine. Makes me want to head there now.

The Nuccio. You like-a? Ora you no like-a?


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