Sunday in VENICE… YIKES!!!!

No not Venice Italy, silly. The other Venice. The weird, funky, crazy-ass Venice. Where the only thing weirder than the people is… well, that’s just it. There really isn’t anything weirder than these people.

We started out in Santa Monica, heading to the Farmer’s Market. Hung out with tiny Goats, weird Chickens, tiny potatoes and funky fruits. Not necessarily in that order… But THEN.. it was off to Mars. Um, …I mean Venice. And by Mars, I mean MARS.

You know the dood… The guy with the turban, rollerblades and… whatever. Now selling T-Shirts to anyone who will buy one. Actually pulled out a Visa Card Reader!!!!!! I was like… CHAHOOOOOOOOOGA!!! (Cue, eyes popping out of head!)

But the ice cream was goooooood. Yes. And the skatepark, pogodood, bad art, Transformers, Segways and filming of AMERICAN NINJA Reality Show was all icing on the cake. …Hm, maybe I should do a Reality Show, too? 😉

I even got a free parking space next to a pair of binoculars. Seriously.

Ahhh, weird is as weird does….

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