This week’s ridiculously AWESOME rides…

Dear Car Makers of Cool,

Yes, I’ll take one of each, thank you very much. And you can place them in my garage right next to my Flexi-Flyer, Hot Chocolate Machine and Banana Skinner. Just deliver them and ignore my wife as she looks at you and rolls her eyes. She does that to everyone who visits with a cool car. (I think her eyes are stuck like that anyway…)

You can deliver the Mansory McLaren, Superleggera Disco Volante and Lotus Exige R-GT over the weekend so I can spend a few hours convulsing and drooling in joy, then drive the crap out of them on Monday.

Oh, and appreciate it if you’d have the gas tanks filled because gas is $5.09 where I am and that sucks. Actually, if you can deliver a gas truck also, that would be very cool. One of the big ones with a cool chromeness on the side. The cars will be bitchin’ in the reflection.

Your super dooper special friend, Fireball

P.S. Oh again, and heads up. Each one of my friends who posts a comment here will be getting the cars also, so you better bring a big truck. 😉

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