Next Week… The BUICK REGAL GS… Badass…

Mr. Vader, your car’s here. Well, not really. But I think that Darth would give it a big “Force Up.” Next week, the insane doods of GM are sending me a Regal GS to see how it measures up to like vehicles. What, are they nuts? Giving me a black car for a week and sayin’ “Have at it, Fireball!” ...Uh, oh.

And I tell ya, I want to like this car, so my hopes are high. Not sure if it’s on the scale of the Grand National, but at 270hp it’s got a lot to live up to.

Will it measure up to the Beemers, Mercs and other 4 door-ers? We’ll see, but in Carbon Black, it’s a good start. Pa Chow….

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