Fireball wants you to BE WELL…

So about 2 weeks ago, my wife Kathie got the flu. From what? Who knows. Who ever really knows, right? “They” say it’s stress, of bad eating habits, or whatever. (Still don’t know who they is…) Truth is, we don’t know. But it doesn’t matter, especially where I’m going with this….

She was gettin’ the severe body aches, massive headache, tossing her cookies, chills, fever, cold night sweats… and for a week, I did what I could do to make her comfortable. But in the process, my mind was on her sickness. I thought about it, read about it, discussed it… and guess what? …I got it. And I got it bad. Today Day 5 and I’m feeling crap-arific.

Now, at first glance, this would be a bad thing, right? Woe is me and all that. But here’s where it gets interesting so stay with me …and maybe grab a yogurt.

Why do we get sick? I mean, what’s the benefit of being sick other than just choosing to feel like poo and then telling everyone around you that… “well, I just feel like poo.” (I’m gonna use several poo references here, so don’t freak.)

There has to be a reason we get sick that actually benefits us as opposed to our bodies dealing with this for no reason? And what if the reason isn’t physical at all? So… I began to ponder my poo-ness. 😉

What is good about all this stuff? Sure, it’s easy to complain and that seems to be what everyone does, especially because they feel like… poo. But, let’s try something different for the sake of not making things worse than the gargantuan monster truck headache I’m feeling right now as I try to write this.

How about Gratitude? You think you know your body, but you don’t. You don’t know what it takes to make your blood pump, where your millions of cells are going to next, how your liver is processing and the millions of other things it’s doing. And so, you take it for granted and let it do it’s thing. Well,…

I’m losing weight by not wanting to eat and that’s cool, right? I’m detoxing all that stuff in me that shouldn’t be there. Cool2. I’m resting my bod for what Master Chief in GI Jane called “The Next Evolution.” I’m spending my time pondering the things in my life that are working and the things that aren’t and making a plan. A concise plan. When… o’ when do you get time to do these things?

When do you cancel “everything?” No matter how important? When the official “Feeling like Poo-Meter” goes off. Boom, done.

As human beings, it is our nature to be creative. What does this mean? In every moment, we create something new, starting with our thoughts. Most of us don’t realize we can make a choice here, but we can. We don’t realize that the choice will be in like nature to the result. But it does. So, even though you might be sick, or the world may be against you, or Marge and Trevor are talking crap about you in the snack room at work, you can pave the way of your life by choosing better thoughts about them. Step up to the plate with me and be creative. Focus on what’s good, no matter what. And like a magnetized golden poo from above, you’ll get better…

I’m sick. And that’s cool. Peace out.

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