It’s ma BIRTHDAY!!!!

Oh, yes. It’s my Birthday today… being April 3rd. And for my Birthday, I’d like to thank all of you…

I hit 47 like a mouse to a cookie. Like a Sow Bug to an Eclair, like a Piggy to a Poop Trough. (Ok, that was too much.) BUT! For my Birthday, I want EVERYONE… AND I MEAN EVERYONE, to go out and celebrate! Only, I want you to buy a cookie for someone you love. Anyone. Share it, eat it, enjoy it and celebrate that cookies are made to make you feel awesome.

The point? TODAY IS AWESOMENESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Cookies are POWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So there. Take THAT you baaaaaad monster, you!!

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