Full Review the Jaguar XJL Supersport…


When the folks of Jaguar sent me the XJL Supersport, my hopes were high. I expected a top class luxo-street killer with ample room (due to the long wheelbase version) and cool amenities. What I didn’t expect was to be blown away…


The Jag appeared at the Fireball Pad, shiny and in their Lunar Grey metallic paint. Ok, yes it was grey. But at that point I had to start using my imagination to envision it in the colors I would pick if I were buying this cat. Y’know, black, red, azure. Something… knockin’ my socks off cool. But… it was grey.

Now, there are people out there that like grey. And this being a Lunar Grey on the greener side, it was actually pretty nice in the sunlight. Only… it was foggy. Hm.

So, knowing that my “imagination creates reality” mode was on… I envisioned rockin’ this puppy somewhere where the grey would look good. And that… was San Francisco. So, I grabbed my squeeze and headed north. Whooosh…

And somewhere between the heated steering wheel, gorgeous interior, cat like stance and looky-loos, it hit me. In between the 12 hour drive to SF due to Highway 1, shots of the car, and stopping for chocolate… I started to dig this ride. In fact,… I started to love it. And that, …I didn’t expect. I began to love it in a way that those that enjoy driving dream about. It was a car that exemplifies everything about driving. And the word for that is JOY.

All of a sudden, this goofy looking grin came over my face. And I mean goofy. As in goofier than I usually look. (Hold the comments, please…) But the Grey XJ became this emotional extension of Joy. A feeling we all long for in a variety of things. It was kinda like the time you said to yourself in High School… “God, I hope she calls me back. I really like her.” And then she did. THAT was the feeling.

There aren’t too many cars that can pull that off. But let’s take a step back for a sec and talk about what I didn’t like.

First, I didn’t like that fact that so many people gave me the thumbs up. What a pain. I didn’t like that the car was so quiet that my wife’s snoring was disturbing my driving peace. BWA!!!! I didn’t like it when the cop told me that he had a Jag and he knew what it was like to lose yourself in it… after he wrote me up, duh. (It was cool though. I gave him a toy and we took a cool picture.

…And I especially didn’t like the fact that I HAD TO GIVE THE CAR BACK!!! AHHHH, JUST SHOOT ME NOW!!!! PUT A KNIFE IN ME!!!! FLOG ME UNTIL NEXT TUESDAY!!!!

Ok. I’m fine. But this 510hp Snoozer Croozer left me in a wondrous state. A state believing that cars can be as good as they claim. It left me in a state of joy that I need to thank Ree at Jaguar for. I now have a new appreciation for a completely re-invented car company.

What is it that we want in our cars? To get from point A to B? To enjoy the ride? A thrill? Well, whatever it is… it’s a feeling. The same feeling Surfers get, wanting to find that perfect wave. What a dancer strives for in emotionalizing their moves. What a skater gets when they land so perfect that they know the rest is a done deal.

The Jaguar XJL Supersport is a real car. The kind of car that places you into bliss. Driving bliss. And that is nothing a traffic jam, cop or nasty driver can take from you.

It’s love in a metal skin. Go cat shopping,… and feel. You’ll be glad you did. And watch the video to see her in action…


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