CINCO DE MAYO goes off with a cool Art Show…

Y’know, when you hit street fairs, the art sometimes lacks that certain connection with the infinite. People are finding their way, but they haven’t found it yet. But yesterday, we croozed out of Malibu to Calabasas and came across a few artists at the Calabasas Cinco De Mayo Art Walk that were really phenomenal. And these guys are worth mentioning and worth you taking the time to see and experience their work.

The artists below have a real handle on creative expressionism. And the pieces were beautiful.

Check out Erin Hanson’s Landscapes. She’s got a book, too. Fantastic work that evokes detailed visions at a distance, yet when you get up close, they are globs of colored cool. Wendy Salin’s Sculptures are stunning. Tremendous movement and emotion. Roberto Gutierrez is an architect and artist with some great unique pieces at are awesome.

Adam Stone’s and Jeff Laing’s pieces are wild and wonderful. Paintings, Sculptures and visionistic passion. Adam’s piece on Gratitude is cool. And the Bull piece by Nobe is super and full of a sense of joy and fun.

And then there’s Chuck Brush’s Horn Sculptures. ( Great concept. Instruments used to create a water fountain. That’s just plain neat. Every one of these guys deserves a look-at. And maybe even a commissioned piece for you home. Art brings love, joy and peace into a home. And we all could use some of that, for sure.

Happy Sunday, folks!

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