Spotted: Soopa ’73 PLYMOUTH FURY 3

I love these cars. And I’m not the only one. Sure, gas mileage in the 70’s was lame-o, but they were beauts. Land-Yachts, RoadMasters, Detroit Kings and whatever other name you could use to describe massive metal. Owner Adam Natarella has had this car for quite some time and by the looks of it, this cream colored behemoth loves the road.

Why do we love our cars so much? Because of how they make us feel. And the feeling is all there is …and all that’s important. If it feels good to drive it, then you MUST. By all cost.

Daily, our goal as carbon-based units, is to feel good. No matter what. We do that by wearing clothes we like, eating foods that taste good and driving things that make us feel alive. And if you’re not driving what you like, then you need to start VISUALIZING. And before you know it, it’ll be there. It’s that simple. How do you think I keep doing it? It’s not magic… Malibu Peeps know this, right? It’s why PCH is so full of cool cars!

Just focus and know what you want. Then believe you already have it. Then, move aside and let that ride roll in. ‘Course, you could just say I’m full of it… and then keep doing what you’re doing. But then you’d never get you cool car and that would suck.

Happy Monday, Folks!

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