I am very fortunate to know a lot of Moms. And although that really isn’t unusual, it is severely under-appreciated. So, it’s with great gratitude that I bless all Moms today for their tireless work, infinite love and precise barometric wisdom.

We guys think we’re so cool. Tough. Smart. We think we have it all handled, yet the toughest guy on the planet is just a kid next to him Mom. Now, this being said, …I want to officially describe a Mom…

Here’s what they are. Unconditional Love. Patient to a Point. Nice, until it’s time to Not Be Nice. And Giving.

If this does not describe your Mom… don’t worry. You’ll notice that I didn’t say they had to be blood related. Moms are women who love, not ones who hate. They think love, breath love and love to love. So, if you have a Mom in your life that doesn’t do this, and maybe a friend who has a Mom that does, all you have to do is decide. Make the decision to live in the present and with those that give you what you want. That will inspire you to do the same… and then we’ll be celebrating YOU. Choose the Mom that does for you what you want. It doesn’t matter what “related” means. You can drop them like a hot coal and pick up whichever one suits the bill..

Being a Mom is to Protect. Protect from outside harm… as well as inside. And it’s the Inside harm that can ruin us of life. A true Mom protects our intunement. Strengthens our peace and Guards our visions with a smile or a caress. Simple, yet effective.

My sincerest Happy Mothers Day to all those Moms who inspire us, care for us and love us. Without you, we Men are blind to the world. Now,… go eat.

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