DOG telepathy works…

So, there I was, minding my own business when… um, …I said to my pups that “it’s Friday and tomorrow’s the weekend!”

Suddenly… they… like, …just turned to statues! Like, …I wasn’t sure if they were stunned that the week was over, flabbergasted that I would think they they would understand what the heck I just said, or were so excited that it was the weekend that their muscles went stiff!

So, …for the next minute, my pea brain went tickity-tock to figure out what the heck they were thinking. They just stared at me like I had a booger the size of Rhode Island hangin’ from my nose! I’m talkin’ shock, people!

But… after about 3 seconds into the second minute (Let’s make this as complex as possible…), they all of a sudden went into excitement mode. Like it just hit them! Like… like… like a wave of Malibu coolness!

Hmf. ? That’s a wondermint…

Maybe there was a delay in the vibration of my words? No? A transitory grand poobah of skips? Maybe. A hiccup of horrendous diabolical proportions?

I think they’re just Malibu Pups. And they’re weird. Have a great weekend, folks…

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