Fireball SIS Jordana, Directs THE KING AND I…

The other day, Kathie and I went to Santa Barbara to see my sister’s new production of THE KING AND I. Now, at first glance being a High School production, you’d think it was a bunch of high schoolers. But, this was my sister Jorge. And she takes her productions very seriously. Hollywood Serious.

So, after Kathie and I hit THE HOT SPOT for coffee (Used to be a car dealership in the 20’s!) and then off to an early din-din with the fam where Fireball Alexa had her way with cake and won, we hit the show…

After a two hour stint of watching and listening to some of the best voices from so-called “high schoolers,” we were overwhelmed at the sheer joy of experiencing a fantastic and clean production. Jorge is famous for working with very little and getting the biggest bang for the buck. And the costumes, talent, sets and every detail was worked out. Perfectly. We were lost in the beauty of the music and amazing voices of these kids.

Talent comes from Passion. Passion comes from Clarity of Purpose. And Purpose comes from Initiative. You have to decide to be the best. Jorge decided a long time ago that she would bring the best to these kids, and them watching her, made them bring their talent home.

Be the Change. Thanks for a great experience, Jorge.

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