Happy Memorial Day… and to celebrate…

We have here one of the most iconic Hollywood Starlets ever created. I’m not talking about Angelina Jolie, nor City of Angels, nor Angel Food Cake. Nor, the dood in Machete that kills that bad Angeleno guy who tried to steal his twinkie.

I’m talkin’ Angeline. And yes, she’s real and so is her Pink Corvette. She pops around Malibu like the starlet she is, all to promote her huge movie coming out… wait. Hold on… She doesn’t have a movie coming out. Ok, then… She’s piddlin’ the roads of Malibu to promote her new TV Series that… wait. Hold on…. She doesn’t have a new series. Hmf.

She must be an Internet Star? No? Campbell Soup Can Face? No? I lost my Pink Corvette Ad on the side of a Soymilk Container? NO??? WHAT THE HECK IS GOIN’ ON HERE!!!!!???

Why is this gal so famous? I mean, I remember when her billboard crashed to the ground in Escape from LA! Or was it some other Armageddon or End of Days or that Tsunami movie with Morgan Freeman as the President. He was actually pretty good, you know? I mean, he really was like, a good President and fit the suit nicely. And he also…. WHAT THE HECK AM I TALKIN’ ABOUT!!! This woman’s got a pink Corvette for cryin’ out loud!!!!! SQUIRREL!!!

Well then.. for this Memorial Day, we celebrate that you can succeed for no reason other than… Driving a Cool Car. Ah, my point… TA DA! Come visit my new Facebook Fan Page. I promise that the cars will be other colors, too.


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