A day in LA JOLLA amongst the Sea Caves…

Great day yesterday. A full day in the sun… and caves of La Jolla via the Volvo C70. (Review of the car coming shortly) If you haven’t been to this cool town, you need to check it out. Just north of San Diego, La Jolla is home to beauty. And… was the home of Dr. Suess, according to our cool Kayak Dood, Will. (More on that in a minute.) But we arrived and went straight for LA JOLLA SEA CAVE KAYAKS. And although we didn’t get to hit the caves due to a massive swell with 8 foot sets, we meandered just outside the line-up and checked out the kelp forests.

Master Kayak Dood Will mentioned that Dr. Suess’ house was just above us on the hillside and where he wrote all his cool books in the 60’s. The spindly trees were Eucalyptus trees and many of the animals featured in the books were inspired by the creatures of La Jolla.

The waves were so big that getting back to shore was an adventure, resulting on a thump on my back and Kathie getting a bruised rib. We kept quiet because we were having to much fun. But what’s life without a little adventure?

Afterwards, we hit the La Jolla Cave Store and climbed the 145 steps down into the cave. Built over 100 years ago by a guy with a spoon (Or something like that…) the Cave Store was full of trinkits not worth buying, but the tromp inside the cave at $4 was worth it. The waves were big enough to make you question why you were there, although the pigeons didn’t seem to mind. Alas, another adventure…

Big thanks to Will, Glen and Johnny for being such good tour guides on our Kayak-O-Splash. And for no one dying. That’s always a plus. Back home, we hit the Veggie Grill in Irvine for a fill-up. Today? Off to see PROMETHEUS. Ooooo…..

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