HAPPY JULY 4TH from the Fireball!

Ah yes. Independence Day. A day of independence. From… well, independently speaking, me. Since I’m the only one writing this at 5:32 in the morning, thanks to my dog Sammy licking me awake because she wanted my pillow. Talk about determination…

Now, let’s discuss what independence really means for a sec. Does it mean another sequel to Roland Emmerich’s ID4? No. He pretty much destroyed everything in that movie and just about every other one he does. So, not that. Does it mean we are free from people coming up to us and asking directions to a place that’s right behind them? (Insert Eye Roll here). Uh… nope. That’s gonna happen. Just an aspect of life.

Does it mean… we paint everything white and live in a state of eternal bliss? Not bad, but no. Painting Sammy white would be bad for her complexion, not to mention that Bug is white and he’s be jealous. Or at least confused… Or I’d be confused. Wait… what was I saying?

Oh! So then, what DOES it mean to be independent? Ahhh. The 64 million dollar question. And the answer is…

Just be FREE now. Decide toady… and voila, you are. Ok, now for coffee… HAVE A GREAT HOLIDAY, YOU BUNCHA FIREBALLS!!

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