Teach something GOOD, and GOOD happens…

What are you thinking right now? This moment, right before you read this? Was it GOOD? It better be… because that’s the secret right there… And heeer we GO!

This is my niece Alexa. And she doesn’t really need to be taught a thing about SILLY. She gets it. But, over time, we as adults forget to be silly and instead we go all… “Why so serious?” We’re afraid of what people might think if we act stupid. It’s why we don’t skip anymore. Hm. THAT SUCKS!!

So. Today and just for today… get silly. Have fun. Be stoopid. Just don’t be stupid in a car, duh. 😉 But BE PRESENT and think about good things only. Can you even do this for a day? I promise that if you do, you’ll see some great things come from it.

I dare you. I double-dare you. I TRIPLE DARE YOU! Yes, I’m talking to YOU, tough-guy…. or girl. Drop the act and take a REAL chance to conquer fear. Sing, laugh or tell someone a bad joke.

This is my Dad’s worst one…

Fireball: “Hey, Pop! What was the movie about?”

Fireball Pop: “Oh, about two hours.”

Beat that…

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