BAM! SMASH! KAPOW!! 470hp Jeep CHEROKEE arrives at the Fireball Pad…

Ok,an SUV? Really? But, did you say that this SUV has 470hp and is track rated. As in… it can burn up Willow? Hm. Ok, well let’s take this puppy for a week and see what she’ll….


Fireball drives up after tooling around Malibu for 15 minutes. Panting. Breathless. His eyes are glazed like a Honey Baked Ham. His wife, Bride of Fireball, crawls out of the 2012 Jeep Cherokee SRT.


If I smoked… I’d want a cigarette. But I’ll settle for some chocolate. (Winks)

Fireball smiles with a big Jeep-ass smile. This is gonna be an awesome week…


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