2012 Jeep Cherokee SRT 4X4 Design Review

Mezomorph. What exactly is a Mezomorph? Well, ever since I was a kid, I was fascinated with the structure of the human body. How intricate it was and how beautiful it can be. And I learned early on that there were three different body types. The Endomorph, Ectomorph and Mezomorph.

Now, the Endomorph are people that are slightly large. Not fat, but just big people. Large bones, large muscles. And if they weren’t careful, they get huge if they ate poorly and didn’t exercise. You’ve seen then, big heads and all. Lots of power, but move slowly. Almost care-free and cruisin.’

The Ectomorphs are easy to spot. Basketball players are Ectomorphs. Thin, lanky, tall, powerful… and sometimes noodly. They eat tons and they never seem to gain weight, right? Until they get older and all the weight drops into their stomach area… wups.

Then… there’s the Mezomorph. Perfectly balanced. Strong, powerful, fast, proportions right smack in the center. Although there are Ecto-Mezomorphs like me and Endo-Ectomorphs. Combinations do occur…, but the Mezomorphic body is still king for men and women.

Can you change body type? Sure! That’s the good news, but it takes hard work. But a Schwarzenegger-type Mezomorph is a powerpack right out of the gate. You’ve seen women’s shoulders that leave you sayin’ “Wow, what a bod!” Lucky for me, my wife is a Mezomorph. BUT…

What the heck does this have to do with a Jeep, right? I think you know what I’m about to say, don’t you?

The 2012 Jeep Cherokee SRT 4X4 is a perfect Mezomorph. In every way a car could emulate a human body. Strong, powerful, graceful and eager to get on the move. It knows what it is and wants you to come aboard so it can show you.

And with 475hp, this thing will do just that. Get you around town, off road, to the store, to the movies, to work and back, on vacation… and it will pull your entire house with you if you want. Ok, that last part might be an exaggeration… (it’ll only pull a condo.) It better pull that for the as tested $63K price tag, but there are few things that this Cherokee won’t do. And the weird thing? You truly get a sense that IT knows it can. And that’s weird… Automotive AI, you say? Well, maybe not yet, but this puppy is pretty dang close.

One last thing before I get back on the road. Jeep has managed to sneak in something else…

Either they did it intentionally or accidentally. And that is that the steering isn’t as easy as it looks. Not hard, but you have to put a little muscle into driving this thing. It’s like… they wanted you to think about becoming STRONGER. More Mezomorphic. And that… is a good thing. A gift, from Jeep.

Watch the EPISODE with Hannah Mulholland to get an idea of the interior, but get out there and drive one of these. Jeeps aren’t for sissies. And I heard that the first official car on Mars may be this Cherokee. That’s if I ever give it back… 😉

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