Fireball recommends… SECRET OF THE AGES by Robert Collier

Why would I recommend a hundred year old book? Because it’s not a hundred years old. It’s actually thousands of years old. Or… as old as time itself…

You want to know why you’re having trouble in any aspect of your life? Then read this…

Sure, you could blow me off and say “Oh, I’ve read shit like this.” Or, “I don’t like to read.” It’s not easy to think with expectation, but it’s crucial. But there are several different ways of thinking. Did you know that?

First, there’s Dreaming. It seems we can’t control what we dream… but this is false. You can.

Then there’s Day Dreaming. Thinking without purpose. Based in fear. We think we can’t control this and it just happens. But… we can. And it’s bad. It’s the fly in the ointment. The answer then?

Conscious Based Thinking. That’s concentration. In the East, they call it Meditation. But it’s really like being on the computer and writing, or being present. Like knowing what you want and thinking about it a lot because it makes you happy. THIS, is what we should be doing all the time. Why?

Because it has power. And it puts you in touch with what you want. My wife and I have proved this and prove it every day, but there was a time I didn’t know it and I had lots of problems. Life sucked royale. Now, the only problem I have is deciding what car I want to drive weekly. And how many times I want to smile each day. I wasn’t lucky. I wasn’t given a lotto ticket. I just changed my thinking over time. A little each day.

Do you believe me? Well, maybe not right now. But after you read this old book from Robert Collier, you’ll understand more. And DO more. And BE more. And then, what you want for your life will be ALIVE.

Why? Because it’s ALL alive…

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