EXPENDABLES 2… Over the top fun, these guys have.

If you’re looking for some fun this summer, nothing beats a bunch of knuckle-headed action heroes, not taking themselves seriously, doin’ the BLAM thing and just being stupid. It’s obvious that Stallone’s goal was to have a good time with his friends while making this movie, and it shows. They had a GREAT time and so will you.

It’s fun, crazy, full of bad one-liners and just plain bloody wacko. Don’t expect things to make any sense… like a plane suddenly appearing out of nowhere. Nothing makes sense in this movie and that’s why it works.

And the rumor? EXPENDABLES 3 will be Action Women. Can you say Angelina Jolie, Milla Jovovich and Sigourney Weaver? I knew that you could…

Go have a good time today. Play hookey. Go see the noon show. BLAM!

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