What’s goin’ on this week? Filming on CATALINA…

Yea, I can film anywhere in SoCal, but this time I decided to head off shore to CATALINA ISLAND. So, tomorrow morning, I’m grabbing my guest and the crew and heading to this SocCal 28-mile long paradise. It’s a 5MINUTE DRIVE, from a Golf Cart. And… it’s gonna get nutty.

What else is going on? Design Studio Press is hard at work on my awesome new kid’s book “Fireball Tim’s BIG BOOK OF WACKY RIDES” coming this February during the Detroit Auto Show… Developing another new show for Pilgrim Productions… finishing a screenplay about funny monsters… looking at houses… drinking mega-coffee and eating chocolate… and bought a NUTRI-BULLET. Yes, have to counteract the chocolate intake with awesome drinks. And this thing is the best I’ve ever found. Seriously.

I only focus on 4 things. Peace, Prosperity, Joy, Love and Health. I didn’t use to think those things… and I didn’t have them. Now… it’s ALL I think about. And lo and behold… guess what manifests every day.

Anyone can do this. I’m not special. YOU can do this. Starting right now. Hit the DELETE BUTTON of your past ’cause nobody gives a shit whether it was rough or not. Design your future now. What do you want to be? AND LET’S ROCK AND ROLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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