Time to put up your dukes…


Tomorrow is Monday. The beginning… as we have designed it to be. And I want YOU to take me seriously for a moment… So listen up.

I talk a lot about how important it is to think. Many have since the beginning. To think in the RIGHT way. The CERTAIN way. And yes, you can start you week off just like every other week in the past… and as a result, get what you’ve always gotten. A little bit. …OR, you can join me this week in… THE FIREBALL REVOLUTION. What is TFR? It’s something to get you off your ass and into the next plateau.

THINK like you mean business. Stop pussy-footing around in hopes that you might get what you want… and TAKE WHAT YOU WANT. Like what Morpheus said to Neo… “Stop trying to hit me and HIT ME!!”

Stop getting in your own way by doubting whether you can pull of what you want. Is it a trip? A girlfriend? Boyfriend? Husband? Dog? Car? A new Liver? I don’t give a rat’s rear. DO YOU WANT THIS THING OR NOT!????

If you do. Then join me. AND FIGHT THIS WEEK FOR IT. Believe it’s yours like you never have before. THINK about it. Persist. Focus. FOCUS!!! Make it yours right now.

Will you? Or will you just eek along like the rest?

I don’t. I want my life to be better. I want to take my wife to cool places. I WANT to drive cool cars. I want to LIVE.

Do you? If you do… then starting tomorrow morning, wake up and KICK ASS. Do EVERYTHING better. Eat better, drive to work better, talk to people nicer, use your will to make the world what you want it to be and make it a better place. EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE, but it’s up to you.

“When you want to become rich, what is the first thing you must do? BE rich in your thoughts, in your actions, even though you must start it on the most modest of scales. Take your life out of all images of limitation and lack and put it into the pattern of opulence and plenty. Act the part!” Robert Collier

Did you hear the story about the Boa Constrictor that entered the Paralytic Ward of the Guayaquil Hospital in Ecuador? When the massive snake arrived through the window, there were eight patients in the ward, all helplessly paralyzed. Ten seconds later, the snake was the ward’s sole occupant.

Every bed emptied. Every patient miraculously cured.

Get focused… and get ready. Tomorrow it’s Monday… and tomorrow… we ROCK N’ ROLL.

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