2012 MITSUBISHI EVO MR Design Review…

I always struggle to find one word that really describes a certain vehicle. Words that have depth, but without getting too metaphysical. Although, that isn’t a bad thing, you have to realize that words are all we have to convey an idea.

Mitsubishi is one of those companies that works hard to envision cars not for drivers, but for what drivers want to feel. Is it to be tough, focused, energetic? Powerful, even? Not in this case, although those are words do exemplify the 2012 Lancer Evolution MR. But they aren’t the word that I’d use…

My word would be “youthful.”

The EvoMR isn’t a youthful car, but it makes you feel that way. Youthful in the way it feels fresh. Not even it’s its new design, but just in that it makes you feel like it’s your first car. You want to take care of it and do things to it. It begs for that…

CAI, exhaust, mods galore follow past generations of Evos and this one is no different. It’s fast, but quiet. THAT must change. Yes, it’s got horsepower for sure and gets the job done, but do we really need to discuss that when all you really want to do is pack it with 600?

It’s comfortable but not racy inside. That will change, too. The car’s name is perfect for it being the “Evolution.” It wants to evolve and develop gradually from a simple to a complex form. And that’s exactly what you ‘ll do with this car.

That’s youth, isn’t it? Its design says “bring your friends… and their junk, too.” “Let’s all go somewhere.” That’s cool.

The overall sculpture is actually very simple and clean, yet evolves into into a very hardcore statement very easily. Just ask anyone who has one. And it’s fun. Gas mileage is 17/22 and I never went to gas up for the week I had it. It’s full of top-notch stock mods including Brembo brakes and all wheel drive, but the biggest selling tool isn’t the car at all.

As I said, it’s what you can do with the EVO that makes it cool, not so much what it is. Just make sure you have a bit of dough left over from the $44K price tag on this version. You can get it de-modded a bit for around $37K, too.

“Fun, youthful, cantankerous, and honry… the Mitsu’ Lancer EvoMR is…” as Yoda would say. And as a first car for a twenty-something or younger, it would be the most fun you could have with your friends. Even when Mr. Policeman pulls you over for the first time from texting. It’ll be funny… until you meet Mr. Judge. Not so funny. For shaaaaammmmeeee….

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